Crack The Code

This course will challenge everything you thought you knew about diet and exercise for health, fitness and body fat control.

"Prepare to be blown away as you uncover the truth and wonder why you didn't learn this sooner! Just like I did." - Coach Marc

Conventional norms are hurting You.

We eat too much of the wrong foods, and live in a stressful modern world. It's making us fat and sick, reducing both our health and life-span.

  • DIET - We're eating too many carbs & processed foods which promotes insulin resistance, systemic inflammation & locks you in fat storage mode.

  • EXERCISE - We spend too much time still, then perform overly stressful training efforts like classic cardio that depletes energy and promotes hunger.

  • LIFESTYLE - Our body's deal with chronic stressors, challenging mental & physical health. Ignoring to counter this only leads to weight gain & disease.

Primal To The Rescue

This course is your step-by-step guide to a happy and healthy life!

  • Eat Well

    Discover a diet rich in nourishing, delicious foods. Say goodbye to carb dependency and unlock metabolic flexibility for enhanced health & longevity.

  • Move Well

    Dial-in your fitness routine. Experience amazing breakthroughs in body composition with an approach that respects your body.

  • Live Well

    Explore uplifting practices that nurture positive mood, so you can thrive with renewed energy and purpose in every facet of your life.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Inside

    2. You’re A Health Hero!

    3. Hormone Optimisation

    4. The Bridge

    5. Why The Primal Way To Move And Eat Works

    6. Benefits You Can Expect

    1. Unlocking The Code To A Healthier Life

    2. Choose Your Individuality And Freedom

    3. Bio - A Story Of Unrehearsed Purpose

    4. Sharpen Your Kitchen Knife

    5. Become A Food Label Detectitive

    1. Take Your Time

    2. Your Current Fitness Level

    3. Primal Essential Movements (PEM's)

    4. Unpacking The Different Training Zones

    5. Support

    6. Disclaimer

    1. Food Pyramid

    2. The Carbohydrate Curve

    3. CO Fitness Pyramid

    1. Day 1 | Let's Get Started!

    2. Take A Before Photo

    3. Day 2 | The 3 Dietary Offenders

    4. Enjoy Your Life With The 80/20 Freedom Code

    5. Enjoy Your Life With The 80/20 Freedom Code

    6. Day 3 | Grains And Body Movement

    7. Choose The Most Quality Produce You Can

    8. Day 4 | Food Substitutions

    9. There's No Pressure

    10. Day 5 | Supportive Foods Choice

    11. The Power In Keeping A Journal

    12. Day 6 | All About Protein

    13. Celebrate Your Food And Mealtimes

    14. Day 7 | All About Vegetables

    15. Preempt Detox Symptoms And Cravings

    16. Week 1 | Knowledge Quiz

    1. Day 8 | Food As Fuel

    2. Sprint Every Once In A While

    3. Day 9 | Appreciating Hunger

    4. The Benefit Of A Food Diary

    5. Day 10 | Gut Health

    6. Implement These Tips For Injury Prevention

    7. Day 11 | Mindful Eating

    8. Cherish The Magic Of Your Food

    9. Day 12 | Fitness Pyramid

    10. Make Decisions Your Body Will Love You For

    11. Day 13 | Chronic Cardio

    12. Don't Fear On Muscle Tissue With Lower Carbs

    13. Day 14 | Micro-workouts

    14. Ignore The Call From Your Bathroom Scales

About this course

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  • Messaging Service

    Private access to Marc your pocket health coach.

  • 1-to-1 Zoom Coaching

    30-min | End of each Metabolic Reboot Week.

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  • What results should I expect?

    FBP is designed to help you balance your blood sugar and reduce body fat. Common improvements include better energy, appetite control, mood, and fat loss.

  • Does it involve restrictive eating or counting calories?

    No, you won't need to restrict your eating or count calories. Once you achieve metabolic flexibility, you'll no longer need to worry about these conventional methods. Instead, you'll learn about macros and how to optimise your carb intake to support fat loss and maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Do I need access to a gym or gym equipment so I can implement the exercise guidance?

    No, access to a gym or gym equipment is not necessary for implementing the exercise guidance provided in the course. The program is designed around primal movement essentials, ensuring that the exercises can be easily incorporated into your routine without the need for specialised equipment. However, if you prefer the gym environment, you can certainly utilise gym facilities to complement the exercise recommendations provided. The flexibility of the course allows you to choose the setting that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

  • Can I personalise how I approach my meals and food choices?

    Absolutely! One of the best things about eating aligned to our ancestral past is there is an abundance of healthy, whole foods to choose from. This is not a meal plan diet. Rather a pyramid to learn and spectrums to grasp, so you can make optimal choices . What you may choose may be different from someone else though you are still both promoting metabolic health.

  • Will I experience any side effects?

    FBP aims to enhance all markers of your health by optimising your nutrition and metabolism. As you modify your eating habits, your blood sugar control, microbiome, and biological signalling will undergo adjustments. The extent of these changes may vary from person to person, depending on factors such as your initial state, current sugar intake, and adherence to a nutrient-rich diet. Potential side effects may include temporary cravings, fatigue, and headaches during the withdrawal phase; however, these effects are typically short-lived.

  • What happens when I finish the course?

    When you complete the course, you'll not only gain life-changing insights of how optimise your nutrition and metabolism, but you'll also achieve a state of being 'fat adapted'—metabolically flexible. This means you'll have full control over hunger, appetite, and cravings. Additionally, you'll pocket an individualised exercise blueprint designed to serve you for the rest of your life, and acquire incredible tools for stress management and high-performance. My aim is to give you everything you need to know to live your best life with health, resilience, and peak performance.


Blew my mind!

Rob | Auckland

Can’t recommend enough! I was delighted with both the results and the journey along the way. Marc provides the perfect balance of information, without overwhelming. My eyes have been truly opened for living a healthier lifestyle.


Stuart | London

At the age of 37 I finally have a grasp on what to eat! I genuinely feel confident about staying in decent shape. Cheers, Marc!

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